Memahami Electrical Safety Sesuai Standar Dan Prosedur
Electricity is an inherently dangerous but versatile source of energy. When it is utilized according to sound safety principles, personal injury and property damage can be effectively prevented. This section contains general information for the safe use of electricity.The course provides you with working knowledge and best practices to help implement programs in the areas of electrical safety at workplaces.

After attending the course, participants should be able to:
  • Understand the accountability for installation and maintenance of equipment are
    most at risk.
  • Understand that Arc flash incidents, shock and electrical burns result in
    employee injury and stress, lost productivity, equipment damage and operational
  • Know that a key component to a successful electrical safety program is to be
    aWA / SMSre of current best practices, standards and regulations.

pokok bahasan
  1. Introduction of Electrical safety system
  2. Review of electrical (Low, medium, high voltage)
  3. Standard and satutory requirement
  4. Indonesian and International Electricity acts and rules
  5. Electrical Hazards and cause of fire and explosion
  6. Electrostatic, Electromagnet, stored energy
  7. Electrical Shock
  8. Arc flash hazard protection
  9. Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) and equipment for working around electrical hazards
10. Lockout Tagout procedures
11. High voltage procedures
12. Current Surges, Clearence and Insulation
13. Safety of lightning
14. Safety in use of portables tools

1. Occupational Health& Safety staffs
2. Plant Maintenance Managers and Supervisors
3. Electrical Contractors and Electricians
4. Electrical Professionals in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors
5. Anyone with responsibility for the safety of workers or contractors

1. Can understand the method to identify electrical and mechanical hazards in the workplace
2. Can understand the method using electrical and mechanical equipment safely
3. to determine the effect of electric current on the human body, the classification of the danger area,
    energy isolation
4. Can understand mechanical hazard prevention program (Machine Guarding)

Tugino, ST. MT.
WA / SMSs graduated from electrical engineering Universitas Gadjah Mada,UGM Yogyakarta. He is lecturer at electrica engineering STTNAS Yogyakarta, for some subjects such as robotics, control engineering, Programmable Logic Controller(PLC), computer network, instrumentation and measurement, electric installation. And also as lecturer at mechanical engineering UJB Yogyakarta for subject electrical power engineering.

Mr. Tugino, ST. MT. is active training instructor, he has been delivering industrial training class to many companies in Indonesia for some subjects such as: Electrical Safety, DCS Operation and Maintenance, Genset Operation and Maintenance, Logic Control for Industry, Fundamental of Electrical, Advanced Process Control, PLC SIEMEN S7, Basic Telecommunication PABX, Audit Energi Listrik, Electrical Instalation in Hazardus Area, Low and Medium Voltage Switchgear, Cable Fault Location for Testing of Underground Power Cable, Protection of Electrical Power System, Building Maintenance Management, Generator and Excitation Operation and Maintenance, Lighning Protection and Grounding System, Basic Instrumentation and Control, Power Distribution System Protection, PLC Programmable Logic Controller using Siemen, Electrical & Mechanical Safety, Work at Height Scaffolding Safety, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Accuisition), Motor Maintenance and control, Control Valve and Instrumentation, And many others. Many companies has been becoming as participants in his training class such as: Chevron Indonesia Company, PT Indocemen Cirebon dan PT Pertamina Limau, PT OCI Melamin Kaltim, PT total E&P Kaltim, PT Kodeko Pertamina, Indocemen Kalsel dan PT Pupuk Kujang, PT Petrokimia Gresik, CNOOC SES Ltd, ,PT Chevron Geothermal Drajat, PT MAK Kalasan dan PT Pertamina Prabumulih, PT Kaltim Industrial Estate, PT Star Energy Bandung , PT Pertamina (Kedeco) Gresik, PT Telkom Bandung, PT Margaria Group Yogya, PT Nusa Halmahera Mineral, PT Tambang Bukit Asam, PT Star Energy Bandung, Politeknik Aceh, PT KPI Kaltim, PT Medco Palembang, PT Pertamina Cirebon ,PT Timah Bangka, PT PJB Bali, Refinery Cilegon, PT Chevron Duri dan Drajat , PT PKT Kaltim,PT INALUM Medan, PT Petrokimia Gresik, PT PJB PLN Gresik, PT Chevron Drajat, PT Pertamina JaWA / SMS Timur ,PT Semen gresik & PT YTL Jatim, PT Sari Husada Yogyakarta, PT Pupuk Kujang, Iros PTD Irak,PT Petrochina Jambi, PT PJB Gresik, PT Kaltim Prima Coal, PT Semen Hocim Cilacap, PT Badak LNG Kaltim , PT. YTL Paiton JaWA / SMStimur,PT Star Energy Bandung, Medco Sumatra, PT Sriboga Semarang,PT PLN UJB Cirata, PT Indonesia Power Semarang, PT Indonesia Power Grati, PT Indonesia Power Semarang, PT DSM Kaltim, PT. Pertamina Learning Center, PT. PUSRI Palembang, PT. VICO Indonesia Kaltim, PT Kaltim Pasific Amoniak , UDIKLAT/PUSDIKLAT PLN (Medan, Palembang, Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Makasar), PT Chevron salak dan PT Indonesia Power semarang, PT. IPMOMI Paiton, PT Chevron Garut, PTP, PT PetroChina Sorong, , PT PERTAMINA Aceh, PT Pertamina Cilacap, PT PERTAMINA Dumai, PT AZET Surya Lestari, PT Panca Manunggal Semarang, PG Jatiroto Lumajang Jatim and others.